Sun v210 Donation

Posted on Mar 11, 2010

Thanks to a generous donation by Nathan Whitehorn, a Sun SunFire v210 is sitting on the floor of my office waiting to have FreeBSD installed on it. Since this is the fastest sparc64 machine we have, Mark Linimon and I are planning on using it as a package building machine. However, if there is any other developer who would like to use it as a reference platform, please get in touch with me and I will set you up with access.

In the past, due to our limited access to the sparc64 platform, we were not able to support this architecture as well as we would have liked to. Packages available for sparc64 have fallen behind packages for other architectures such as i386 and amd64. However, once this machine is up and running, I have a strong feeling it will become a valuable resource to the FreeBSD developers working on making sparc64 a Tier-1 architecture