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Automatic forwarder configuration

less than 1 minute read

Since FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE, it has been possible to automatically setup a forwarding nameserver simply by adding

Using blowfish for password hashes in FreeBSD

less than 1 minute read

FreeBSD uses sha512 to encrypted passwords for user accounts. However, blowfish is available in all recent versions of FreeBSD and its easy to change the def...

Stepping the system clock during boot

less than 1 minute read

FreeBSD allows you to perform an instantaneous change to your system clock while the host is booting up no matter how great the difference between a machine’...

Running csup from periodic

1 minute read

I keep a copy of the FreeBSD source and ports repository locally on disk so its possible for me to work offline and still be able to review the revision hist...

Reflections after one year

2 minute read

Today marks my 1 year anniversary as a FreeBSD developer. I opened my first Problem Report in 2006 and after roughly three years of hacking on the ports syst...