Determine what drive is referenced using the stats show disk command

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Here is what a portion of the output from the stats show disk command looks like:


To determine what drive is being referenced above, copy the last 6 digits of the second set of numbers (i.e. F352F1) Run the storage show disk -a command and look for those digits in the WWN:

Disk: 7a.21
Shelf: 1
Bay: 5
Serial: <serial number>
Vendor: NETAPP
Model: X234_ST336704FC
Rev: NA42
RPM: 10000
WWN: 2:000:002037:f352f1
Downrev: no
Pri Port: B
Sec Name: 8a.21
Sec Port: A
Power-on Hours: 19873
Blocks read: 113349936
Blocks written: 11408
Time interval: 80:19:53
Glist count: 0
Scrub last done: 00:01:27
Scrub count: 163
Dynamically qualified: No

Reference the drive number above to determine what drive is being referenced (in this case our drive is 7a.21)


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